Since opening their doors in 2013, just off the O & D trail in downtown Herndon, Dave and Beth, the owners of the Green Lizard Cycling Shop, have always held the philosophy of positive civic engagement and doing whatever was in their power to build a positive environment and improve the lives and well being of those in the community.  The shop itself has developed into its own community - hundreds of cyclist, runners, and triathletes who commonly refer to themselves as Lizards can often be seen year round on the trail in their green cycling kits.  The group prides itself on its openness to anyone who wishes to join and encouraging everyone to reach whatever goals they set for themselves.

As this community has grown and flourished, it has often banded together to support a number of charitable activities.   After many years of supporting local causes such as sponsoring local sports teams, donating to the arts, and providing the resources to youth interested in cycling, Dave and Beth decided they wanted to expand their efforts to improve their community – thus in the fall of 2019 The Green Lizard Foundation was born. 

The Green Lizard Foundation was founded on the principle that every young person should have the ability to lead a healthy active lifestyle regardless of his or her financial circumstances.  This means having access to proper nutrition, being able to participate in athletic activities such as running and biking competitions, and having the proper equipment to ensure the safety of those cycling.  

Dave, Beth, The Green Lizard Foundation, and all the Lizards out there welcome you to our community and hope you will contribute to improving the lives of everyone in our community.  

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Share the Love, Enjoy the Ride

The Green Lizard Foundation’s focus is improving the lives of bringing the health benefits of exercise and proper nutrition to the underserved of youth of our community.  We’ll meet our mission by:

  • Encouraging healthier living by supporting recreation, exercise and nutrition

  • Donating to local food banks and supporting nutrition programs

  • Providing the underserved youth population with free/low cost bicycles, parts and repairs



Bringing Change

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Providing for the nutritional needs of youth in our community.

The Green Lizard Foundation partners with many local organizations, food banks, and schools to make sure our local youth don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, they can focus on leading healthy, fulfilling lives, and maximizing their potential.


Providing sponsorship for local teams and clubs.

The Green Lizard Foundation wants to make sure all local children have the opportunity to participate in physical activities such as local races and sports teams, regardless of their financial circumstance.


Teaching about Cycling

Cycling is one of the core passions of the foundation and its supporters. It wishes not only to promote the sport by sponsoring events, but making sure anyone who wishes to take part in it is to by donating bikes, helmets, and providing classes on proper maintenance.

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Help us change the lives of local children



902 N Gunnell Court, Herndon VA 20170

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